Sunday, April 24, 2011

Homesick, and Homeward Bound

I have definitely been the person here least impressed with China. I've had to have several pep talks with myself where I swear I'm not going to count down till the day we leave, or talk about what I miss most from back home (aside from my family, it's mostly been sandwiches - bread in China, particularly Fuxin, is weird and sweet, and cold cuts are nonexistent. Don't even get me started on cheese).

I've had a good time, and if I had to live the last 7 months all over again knowing what I know now, I'd apply again, no question. But I miss home. I miss St. Louis. Never has it been more apparent to me that I'm an STL lifer. Any illusions I've ever had about moving to Anchorage, AK or Jackson, WY evaporated the day I had to set a weekly Skype schedule with my mother.

As of this writing, there are fifteen days and thirteen hours until our flight from Beijing to New York takes off. Before that we have a bus ride to Shenyang, an overnight stay there, and a flight from Shenyang to Beijing. After we arrive in New York, we have a four-hour layover then our three-hour flight to St. Louis. From the time we take off from Shenyang to the time we land in St. Louis, we will spend twenty-four hours traveling. It's tiring to think about, but I am so ready. I am so ready to embark upon the last day of this trip and get home to my uncomfortable bed that will feel like a suite at the Four Seasons after three months of turning over carefully so I don't accidentally knock my mattress pad onto the floor.

Life in St. Louis isn't perfect, by any means, but it's my life. I can't imagine living in China for a full year as Lee and Ike are, or even saying that I would if I didn't have a relationship to go back to like Adam. I don't care if I meet the love of my life here in the next two weeks; if he's not coming back to America, tough crap, man. Because I am, and I'm not looking back.

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